Kristoff Von Hummel

The Thinking Tactically Timid Treacherous Teutonic Tinkerer


Xp 11,156 Gold 165 Residium 536

Kristoff Van Hummel Artificer/Warlock level 7 Race: Human Gender: Male Alignment: EVIL
11 strength, 17 Constitution, 10 Dexterity, 17 Intelligence, 14 Wisdom, 10 Charisma
Initiative 3, Speed 6,
Armor Class 20, Fortitude 20, Reflex 19, Will 19,

Attack Bonus 6, Melee Basic 1d4, Ranged Basic 1d6+1
HP 59, Bloodied 29, Healing Surge Value 14, *Surges per day *9.

Athletics 3, Endurance 8, Acrobatics 3, Stealth 3, Thievery 8, Arcana 11, History 11, Religion 6, Dungeoneering 5, Heal 10, Insight 5, Nature 5, Perception 10, Bluff 8, _ Diplomacy_ 8, _Intimidate _3, Streetwise 3

Racial Features: Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Human Defense Bonus, Human Power Selection, Bonus at will power Class/Other Features:

Arcane Empowerment: Empower Magic items once per day, plus once per milestone
Impart Energy: Recharge a Daily Magic Item, An item can’t be recharged twice in a day
Augment Energy: A weapon gains a +2 bonus as a free action once, An item can’t be infused twice.
Arcane Rejuvenation: When an ally uses a daily magic items they gain 1/2 level + int mod. temp HP.
Healing Infusion: Access related powers 2/encounter
Ritual Casting: Gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat
Defensive Minions: +2 to all defenses of summoned creatures
Ritual Caster: Master and Perform rituals
Master Mixer: Create alchemical items of your level + 3 or lower
Arcane Familiar: Gain Familiar
Count as both a Warlock and Artificer for Item bonuses or limitations…

Summoner Homunculus: Gustav
Speed 6, HP:1, Not damaged by a missed attack. AC:20, defenses equal to owners.
Constant Benefits: You gain +2 Bonus to Endurance Checks
You can perform Unseen Servant ritual as a Standard action for no cost, when you have no extant unseen servants. You do not need to master the ritual to use this benefit.
Active Benefits: Infuse Summoned: Any creature you have summoned gains a +1 bonus to all defeses and to attack rolls while adjacent to the summoner homunculus

Basic Melee Attack: Strength (0) +2 vs. Reflex: 1d4 force damage
Special: Ignores insubstantial
Unseen Servant
Component Cost: 20 gp, plus a focus worth at least 25 gp
Market Price: 50 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)Level: 1
Category: Creation
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Until your next extended rest or until you dismiss the servant

You conjure a Medium unseen servant of invisible force. It obeys your commands, moves at your speed, can lift up to 100 pounds, and performs basic functions and repetitive tasks, such as cleaning, making camp, and moving, holding, or carrying objects.
An unseen servant never tires. It cannot move more than 20 squares from your space. It does not occupy any space and cannot attack or be attacked. Each unseen servant you currently control doubles the component cost to create the next.
Focus: A ceramic hand. The person who holds this focus is empowered to command any unseen servants summoned with it. If the focus is broken or not in anyone’s possession for a minute or longer, all unseen servants bound to it disappear.

Accurate Magic Weapon: Enhanced Weapons or implements gain +1 bonus to next attack roll.
Distant Advantage " Gain combat advantage with ranged and area attacks against flanked enemies.

At-will: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor, Unbalancing Force, Alchemical Concoction.
Encounter: Scouring Weapon, Lightning Sphere, Healing Infusion:Curative, Healing Infusion:Shielding, Energy Conversion, Sphere of Reality, Hellish Rebuke
Daily: Obedient Servant, Flameheart Defender, Reinforced Minion

Equipment: 2 Daggers

Blood thread Magic Leather Armor +2
Enhancement: AC
Property: While you are bloodied, you gain a +2 item bonus to AC and Reflex

Alchemical Items: Made via 840 gold equal to one item level 4:
2 Clockwork bombs level 4
1 Tethercord level 8
1 Alchemists spark level 8
6 Alchemists spark flasks level 3
4 Acidic Fire level 5_

Bag of Holding-

Blunderbuss_*Military Ranged Weapon*___
Two Handed
Cost: 30 gold pieces
Proficiency +1, Damage 2d6, Range 20/40, Weight 5lbs, Properties: backfire, brutal, high crit,
and load 2 minor. “For a Blunderbuss is like a Blunderbuss and I shoot people in the ass with it!”

Alchemical Concoction (standard; at-will)
Special: At the start of the encounter choose a damage type from the following list: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder and the power gains that keyword and deals that damage.
Target: All creatures in blast.
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex; area blast 1 within 10 squares; 1d6 + Intelligence acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder damage.
Effect: Choose an effect based on the type of damage dealt
Acid or Fire: The target takes 5 extra damage unless they move out of the blast before the beginning of your next turn.
Cold: target is slowed until the end of your next turn.
Lightning: Make a secondary attack against one enemy within 5 squares of the targets; Intelligence +3 vs. AC; 1d6 lightning damage.
Thunder: target is pushed 2 squares.

Von Hummel Soldier Level 8-Lost to a Gargoyle…must kill them and use their damn corpses to make another…

Wondrous Item 3,400 gp
Power (Healing Surge): Minor Action. You must have the figurine in your hand to use this power. The porcelain figurine grows to the size of a halfling to occupy a square adjacent to you. The soldier is treated as one of your allies and can be used to flank enemies.
The porcelain soldier can only attack targets that it has marked.
The von hummel soldier has AC 20, all its other defenses equal yours, and it has hit points equal to your surge value + 5. Once per round, you can use a minor action to move the soldier up to your speed and mark one enemy adjacent to the soldier. When an enemy marked by the soldier makes an attack that does not include the soldier, the soldier, if adjacent may immediately interrupt the attack with an attack of its own using your Intelligence + 3 vs. the enemies AC; Hit: 1d8 + 7 damage and you gain resist 5 against the triggering attack. If the von hummel soldier is reduced to 0 hp or less, it is destroyed. Otherwise, it functions until it runs out of hit points, or you deactivate the soldier returning it to its doll form.

Gloves of Alchemical Admixture Level 10
Item Slot: Hands
Prerequisite: Artificer
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to attack rolls with consumable alchemical item powers.
Property: When you create a healing infusion, you can fortify the infusion so it bestows resist 3 acid, cold, or fire (or leave it untyped) until the end of the encounter. The target of the infusion may end the resistance as an immediate interrupt when hit by an attack that deals the chosen type of damage to gain resist 9 against the attack.
Power (At-Will, 5 Charges/Day ✦ Acid, Cold, or Fire):
Free Action. The next attack you make this turn deals extra damage depending on how many charges you spend: 1 charge, +1d6 damage; 2 charges, +2d6 damage; 5 charges, +4d6 damage. This extra damage can be acid, cold, or fire damage.

Deep-Pocket Cloak
Level 7 Uncommon
The hundreds of magically hidden pockets on this cloak allow you to keep a wealth of items close at hand.
Price: 2,600 gp
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +2 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: The cloak has five pockets that can hold items of negligible weight, three pockets that can each hold items weighing up to 1 pound or 1 cubic foot in volume, and two pockets that can each hold a single item of no greater than 10 pounds or 3 cubic feet but the cloak always weighs only 1 pound.
The first item drawn from a deep-pocket cloak each round is a free action. Each additional item drawn or stowed on the same round requires a minor action.
Property: You gain a +5 power bonus to Stealth checks to hide items in a deep pocket cloak.

Eagly eye gogles, Head slot item
+1 to ranged attacks…

Libris Mortis…
One scroll of Skeleton Army: 5 skeletons per level (35), must be controlled or they turn on any living thing without the book.
Flesh Golem Ritual:Sacrifice book to create Flesh Golem…


About 600 years ago, the Von Hummel family, a family made of craftsmen and tinkerers, began making porcelain products for the nobility, this won them some esteem and prestige. The culmination of which was when the family began crafting fine porcelain figurines. The most famous of the Hummel figurines were one representing images of innocence and childhood with small children in traditional Teutonic garb playing and enjoying everyday life, the dark secret of the Hummel family was that their porcelain was made by mixing human bone with other alchemical elements. Thus rumors began to circulate about Hummel figures slowly, very slowly changing positions and moving their limbs. the Von Hummel family denied these allegations, how could such innocent little figurines be anything but innocent memorabilia with a jacked up secondary market for limited editions!1.
The Von Hummels also worked with clockwork devices, creating famous cuckoo clocks well known for both their accuracy in time-keeping and the sharpness of the cuckoo’s beaks. Many foolish people lost an eye looking at the clock at the wrong time of day. The cuckoo’s were only doing this in order avenge themselves of the cruel humans who kept them locked up in the phantom zone inside the clock only to breathe free for a few seconds every hour. After fixing this gaffe (the cuckoo’s were replaced by mechanized cuckoo’s that were bit less resentful to their station in life) the Von Hummel Cuckoo clock’s became famous. The Von Hummel family rose to prominence thanks to their fine craftsmanship and their savvy social climbing. Madame Von Hummel married her sons off to fine noblewomen (and a man in one occasion although the less said about Countess Von Frankenfurter of TransBorovia the better) in exchange for wondrous items crafted by her family. Wilhelm Von Hummel was married to the daughter of a prominent Viscount in exchange for the crafting of the Barovian Glockenspiel that is now seen in the brewhouse of Barovia, this glockenspiel depicts townspeople going about in their average day to day life. What sets it apart from other Glockenspiels is that the mechanized figures are homonculi that keep a keen eye on the town and events going on about, and so when the hour comes, the homonculi come out like clockwork only they are different each time they come out. They may depict a scene where the streetsweeper whistles at a young lady one day, and the next they may depict a scene where said streetsweeper is trying to court her. For those in the know, the Glockenspiel of Borovia seems to know more about the goings on in town than the average townperson does.2
in glockenspiels and other
The Von Hummel family had a black sheep though, Johann Von Hummel saw a great future for the Hummelmensch, as he knew that if the homonculi made via the Hummel process were mass produced and in a larger size they could be even more profitable. Convincing the warlike Count Istvan that he could create the perfect soldier, Johann became the Count’s primary craftsman and would please the Count by entertaining guests showing off the newest in clockwork devices, and even making for him a flintlock gun with a repeating mechanism. But Johann’s greatest project was progressing slowly and the Count was growing impatient, the main problem was in acquiring the secret ingredients to make the Hummelmensch. Johan needed a constant supply of dead soldiers to make the Hummelmensch, other failed experiments were either locked in the oubliette where Johann’s laboratory was or they escaped to plague the countryside.*3 Finally after much waiting, Johan had enough to create a small unit of Hummelmensch. He created 23 and proudly showed them off to the Count, Who then began complaining about how such little men were useless to him. Johann then gave the Hummelmensch the order to seize a rival neighboring town to show the Count how these Hummelmensch were more than capable. The Hummelmensch marched nonstop and reached the town where they proceeded to pillage and destroy it, leaving nothing alive and no alcohol intact. The Count was now realizing how deadly these Hummelmensch were, especially when you take into account how the neighboring town had a sizable army to protect them. The Count then began to order the Hummelmensch around telling them how he would use them to conquer the neighboring lands, however one now knows not to boss around drunken porcelain figurines after what the Hummelmensch did to the count. This now wild band of mercenary manequins was uncontrolable, even by Johann. It was the great Polka bard, Stanislaus the Yodeler, who dealt with the Hummelmensch by having them do a beer barrel polk off the cliffs of Borovia.
The Von Hummel family was now revealed and thus they were now disgraced, Currently Kristoff Von Hummel has a small shop in Borovia where he sells and fixes clocks and tinkertoys and other mechanical curiosities. He goes under the name Gustav Hammersmichdt and also works maintainig the Borovia Glockenspiel.
the descendants now use a different name, but there are still those who wish to keep the legacy of the Von Hummel family alive, Who wish to seek revenge on the Counts and the nobles who owe them for all their suffering.

*1. The Gustav series was quite popular, it being a quite charming depiction of a teutonic boy with a schrammel accordion looking innocent, despite the rumors that it would play its infernal music in the dead of night and constantly diminish the home brewed beer supply.
*2. The current scenes being depicted by the Glockenspiel are of vampires and ghouls chasing milkmaids and of a Vampire in a large cape being chased by a Knigth with a skeleton face and a shinning sword. What these scenes represent is up to now anybody’s guess.
*3 Legends exist to this day of the dreaded Mannequin Piss, a figure of a small boy doing a most disgraceful act, when adults approach him to scold him they see that the child is made of bronze and has a blank expression in his face. Whether this was one of Johann’s failed experiments is not confirmed.

Kristoff Von Hummel

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