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Barovia is plagued by a mysterious and pervasive gloom, muting light sources. The radius illuminated by all non-magical light is reduced by half. For example, a torch illuminates 2 squares instead of 5; a lantern illuminates 5 squares instead of 10. However, Magical light sources are unaffected as is natural sunlight.

House Rules:

The grabbed condition has been modified. While a creature is grabbed, it is restrained. Maintaining this condition on the creature occupies whatever appendage, object, or effect the grabber used to initiate the grab. The condition ends immediately on the creature if the grabber is subject to an effect that prevents it from taking actions or if the creature ends up outside the range of the grabbing power or effect.

Restrained. While a creature is restrained, it can’t move, unless it teleports. It can’t be pushed, pulled or slid except by the character or object restraining it. It also takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and it grants combat advantage.

All undead gain vulnerable 5 to radiant damage, this is in addition to any vulnerability they already possess to a maximum of vulnerable 10 radiant in the heroic tier.

All skeletons have +2 to AC against ranged weapon attacks but also have vulnerable 5 to thunder damage.

Most vampires possess the iconic Vampire Weaknesses including the following:

Holy Symbols
A strong willed individual displaying a good deity’s symbol can repel a vampire. Using a holy
symbol in this way is a standard action and grants a Charisma attack or Wisdom attack (plus the holy symbol’s enhancement bonus) against the vampire’s Will. The attack deals no damage but renders the undead unable to make attacks against the holy symbol’s wielder until the end of its next turn.

During that time, the holy symbol forces the vampire to remain a number of squares away from the wielder equal to the vampire’s reach + 1.

A vampire that ends its turn in direct sunlight and lacks a protective covering such as a cloak or other heavy clothing, takes radiant damage equal to their radiant vulnerability from the sunlight, and are weakened (save ends). If they drop below 1 hit point from this damage, they are instantly destroyed.

Wooden Stakes
While restrained or immobilized, a vampire may be destroyed by driving a wooden stake through its heart. This attack requires a wooden stake and may be performed as a melee basic attack against the vampire’s fortitude defense once the vampire is bloodied.

Requires: a wooden stake
Target: One restrained or immobilized vampire that has been bloodied.
Attack: Strength -2 vs. Fortitude.
Hit: The vampire is destroyed.
Miss: The vampire takes 1d10 + your strength modifier damage.

Alternatively, you may attempt a ranged basic attack to stake the bloodied vampire if they are restrained or immobilized.

Target: One restrained or immobilized vampire that has been bloodied.
Attack: Dexterity -2 vs. Fortitude.
Hit: The vampire is destroyed.
Miss: The vampire takes damage equal to your strength modifier.

All zombies posses the iconic Zombie Weakness:
A critical hit scored against a zombie reduces the zombie to 0 hit points.

Finally to encourage sneaky behavior. Creatures that are surprised in combat are considered to be helpless until they take their first action in the round. Helpless creatures can be coup de graced, suffering auto crit damage etc. This should make it easy to sneak past sentries and avoid inconsequential encounters.

Main Page

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